The Details - Pricing and Policies


$20/30 minute lesson; $40/60 minute lesson - Taxes included.

Tuition Payment = Two options available:

1.  Pay as you go - Payment is due upon arrival for each lesson.  (See policies regarding lessons cancellation and payment.)

2.  Monthly invoice - E-transfer payment ( preferred, cash and cheques (payable to Kimberley Allen-McGill) are accepted also.  No debit or credit cards please.Should a banking error occur there will be a $20 NSF charge to cover inconvenience and banking fees.  Receipts are available for your records.


1.  Welcome! Please ring the doorbell and come right in as I am expecting you at the time agreed upon. Please arrive on time and encourage your children to take shoes/boots and coats off, and bring their books and quietly wait in the studio so as to not disturb a lesson in progress.  A washroom is conveniently located near the door, please encourage handwashing prior to the lesson.

2.  Scheduling  

Every effort is made to find a mutually convenient time for your music lessons!  My students have my full attention, and I organize all other activities in my life to ensure a full and enjoyable lesson for my students each and every week.  Consistency in instruction and attendance is important in music education.  I make my living teaching lessons and working as a church musician.  From a business perspective, inconsistent attendance without payment may result in dismissal.  

3.Hours of Operation

Monday  3-9 pm

Tuesday 3-9 pm

Thursday 3-6 pm

Wednesday and Friday, I work as a contract teacher at another music studio (subject to change depending on scheduling.)   The studio is closed on Saturdays.

See Calendar on this website for holiday closures.   The studio is open all school Professional Development Days.

However, I realize that life happens, and scheduling conflicts do occur.  Your support and adherence to the following policies is appreciated.

4.  Absences, Cancellations or Scheduling Changes

If a change or cancellation is needed and requested, please send me an e-mail.  Children sometimes forget to pass along a message, and sometimes do not deliver the message as intended.  Advance notice of vacations, special events or appointments by 1-2 weeks is appreciated.   Provided advance notice is given there will be no charge.

Scheduling Conflicts/Makeup Lessons

Makeup lessons are not usually available.  I work every week day teaching and as a church and band musician on the weekends, so scheduling makeup lessons is difficult.  As this is my living, repeated cancellations due to scheduling conflicts requires an effort and a discussion to find a solution that works for all of us.  This is my living, and forgiveness is possible from time to time, but not on a consistent basis.  A booked lesson/time slot is considered a commitment, and last minute cancellation is a forfeited lesson.  Payment is expected for forfeited lessons.

Snow Days/Holidays/PD Days

If school is cancelled due to a snow day, often by the afternoon or evening, the roads and weather have resolved so you should assume that lessons are taking place as usual.  Your family's safety is important ... so please use your judgement with regard  to travel.

Holidays and a calendar for the year are included in this website.  Reminders will be sent out via e-mail for closures.  


If your children are ill, particularly with a contagious flu or virus, please do not send them to lessons. If I am ill, I will cancel lessons with as much advance notice as possible, and payment is not expected under these circumstances.

No shows

Absence without any communication or prior notice is disrespectful, and creates concern and additional work on my part.  Payment for the missed lesson is expected and will be invoiced.

5. Ending Lessons

Sometimes things change and a decision is made to discontinue lessons for a variety of reasons.  Please let me know if there's anything I can do to make a transition easier (in the case of moving, for example), or the experience of music lessons better for your student.  My goal is to instill a love of music and share its pleasures and gifts with my students.

However, should the decision to end lessons be made for any reason, please provide at least 2 weeks notice in writing. Two lessons will be provided after the date of notification. If for any reason the two final lessons do not take place, payment for two weeks is expected and required.

Materials and Supplies

As with all educational activities, some materials are required.  The usual cost for a beginner student is between $25-$35 for a music theory book, a method book, and special pieces of music.  The cost of these materials is not included in tuition fees for lessons.  I am happy to obtain method and theory books for my students, and will invoice accordingly, or I can also direct you to local retailers if you'd like to purchase them directly.

The Leading Note (, Steinway Piano Gallery ( and Long and McQuade ( have method books.  My preferred website for song purchases is   I highly recommend all of them.  Check out Pinterest too for Christmas music!